Hello lovely people! Hope you’re all doing well.

I must say I’m really pleased it’s the weekend and that it’s half-term next week. I’ve felt absolutely shattered over the past week, on some days barely keeping my eyes open during the day. I’m hoping a few days of not rushing around will do me the world of good. Last October, I remember the thought of half-term and having to handle two kids all by myself filled me with fear. But now I feel so much more confident as a Mum of two and I actually can’t wait to spend some quality time with them next week. Unfortunately, Maxi is still feeling poorly due to his never-ending cold and been quite clingy so we haven’t done much this week. It’s been quite icy cold down here anyway so being indoors was actually the only place to be for me this week.

This is what made me really happy this week:

  • Booking holidays.

The Hubby and I finally sat down and decided on dates and location of our holidays which is amazing as we’ve now got something exciting to look forward to. I mentioned in my previous gratitude list that we were considering a few countries and we eventually settled on the Algarve in Portugal. I’ve never been to Portugal so I’m really excited to do a bit of researching into the local area as well as taking a day trip over the Spanish border.

  • Cocktails with my school Mummy friends.

We had such a lovely time full of giggles and already plan our next get together. Even though it was a school night and I literally had to get ready whilst putting the boys to bed, I really enjoyed making an effort into looking a bit glam for the night. It’s quite amazing really what difference a bit of make-up can have in the way you feel about yourself! Leo wasn’t particularly happy that I was going and kept asking me why I needed “this” (pointing to my face and my make-up) when I said I was only going out to get some milk 🙂

  • Max rolling over. 

One day this week, I came into Max’s room to find him in his cot rolled over onto his tummy which was the first time he did it all by himself 🙂 I watched him all week and noticed that the clever little boy managed to work out how to do it by propping one leg in between the cot bars and swinging the other one over.

That’s about it for this week. Let’s hope the weather improves next week so I can venture outside with the boys. Let me know what you’re planning this weekend and next week. I’m off to the dentist tomorrow to sort out my third wisdom tooth (I have one more growing!) so wish me luck!

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