Happy New Year everyone! I am back after being quite absent during the holidays but I am planning to be more active and organised with my blog this year. I have so many ideas for posts but most of the time, life just gets in the way but, fingers crossed, I manage to keep up with my intentions. In the first post of the year then, I round up my fave posts from this week.

This week, the stuff that goes on my List are:

  • Fave skincare/ beauty posts of the week:
    • Little Green Dot – I have recently started making my own (very basic still!) natural skincare for every day use and I love finding other bloggers who share similar passion. The reason why I like this particular blog is because you really don’t need any fancy equipment or ingredients to make some brilliant products to take care of your skin. I really recommend this blog as well as Militza’s Instagram account which has some amazing imagery behind the recipes.
  • Fave health recipe posts of the week:
    • Nutriseed blog – How you should use your superfood powders – I have found this brilliant company Nutriseed who sell health foods at wholesale prices and having recently ordered quite a lot of goodies from them (e.g. acai powder, baobab powder), I have been looking into ideas on where to use them. This link takes you to a video with some brilliant recipes, including one for a caramel nice-cream with mama powder (tried it – it’s yummy!) and an immunity-boosting tonic with baobab powder (tangy but very nice!)
    • Aduna recipes – another wonderful find! So many recipes but so little time 🙂 So far, I’ve tried the Baobab and vanilla protein pancakes recipe.

This list is hosted by Aby at You Baby Me Mummy and Amy at Amy Treasure.

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