Photography has always been one of my hobbies – whether taking photos myself or admiring the work of others. To me, photos have that magical power to touch you in so many different ways as each image holds a story, captures a moment that will never happen again and evokes memories close to your heart.

So in this new series of my family updates, I will be sharing a few photos from the previous week. This blog has made me so disciplined about documenting Leo and Max’s journey through childhood and I hope these posts will be a really great keepsake to look at one day. For now, I hope you enjoy our adventures and our memories.

Here are some of my special images from last weekend:

“Brotherly love – it melts my heart to see those two boys being so besotted with each other”
“Someone can’t decide if he wants to pose for a photo or not”
“Kindness is gently stroking your little brother’s head”
“Two troublemakers in the making – enough said”
“Teething is just an excuse for cuddles with Mummy. How could I ever resist those eyes anyway?”


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