So… another week has gone by and it’s nearly middle of the month which for us is always a bit special as we celebrate Max’s ‘monthly’ birthdays. I just can’t believe he’ll be five months this Sunday! Where has the time gone? It’s so wonderful to see him grow and learn new things but in the next five/ six months, I will be returning to work so I want to ensure I make the most of every day and cherish our time together. Because whilst I love my job, I  know I will miss some of the milestones and new things he will learn when he’s at nursery and not with me. I’m also a bit anxious how we will cope with the whole drop off and pick up logistics with two kids every morning and evening, especially as our parents live abroad so we don’t have any family to help us out. I used to get stressed having to dash back from work to pick up Leo on time so how will it all work with the two of them? I know that in the end things will fall into place and we’ll work things out, as we always do, but planning it right now feels a bit overwhelming.

I think things have seemed much more overwhelming to me this week than they were in reality as Max hasn’t been sleeping well due to teething and I’ve been suffering from excruciating pain in my neck and upper back, and all of that has made me feel really on edge. But look at Max’s face – butter would melt… He’d just woken up from a nap when we were out and he was full of beans which couldn’t be said of me 🙂 You wouldn’t know he’d been crying hysterically the night before, would you?

So once again, among all the drama, this is what made me happy this week:

  • Being reassured about my back problems – I won’t bore you with the details but I’ve been back and forth between doctors this week, and after initial suspicion of disc injury and referral for an MRI from my chiropractor, I sought second opinion from my GP who referred me to a really great physiotherapist who said I don’t need an MRI scan and it’s very unlikely my disc had been damaged. Thank goodness! Instead, I need a few sessions of physiotherapy (including “manipulating” my spine which was the best thing ever!) but I also need to start exercising more (which I knew was partly an issue), watch my posture when I carry or pick up Max (no hip-carrying!) and sleep more as my sleeping routine is very poor (not just because of Max but also because I like staying up late, often working on this blog!).
  • Being looked after – The Hubby has been very supportive over the past week (he always is but this week he’s earned some extra brownie points!) to help me out with things like bathing and feeding at night so that I didn’t have to strain my back, and he took a day off to take me to the doctors and supported me when I was trying to recollect everything for the doctors to get a good understanding of my situation. He truly had my back this week (no pun intended lol!).
  • Booking flights to see my parents in Poland – we didn’t get to spend Christmas with them for various reasons so I have booked flights at Easter to spend two weeks with them as well as my brother who I’m hoping will be able to join us from Germany, hopefully at least for Easter. Hubby will also join us for Easter and it’s also my parents’ 35th wedding anniversary early April so, without spoiling any surprises as my Mum reads this blog, it should be a very nice break for all of us. Leo simply can’t wait for the trip as he adores spending time with his ‘Babcia’ and ‘Dziadzia’ (Polish for Nanny and Grandad), and I can’t wait to hand the kids over for a bit so I can put my feet up 🙂
  • Looking into holidays in August – The Hubby and I have looked into a few possible locations (Italy, Portugal or Spain) as we are really in need of a nice beach holiday break. We haven’t booked anything as yet so if anyone can recommend a nice family-friendly location in any of those countries, that would be much appreciated.
  • Leo’s sharing assembly – my little Mr Clever was given a big responsibility at their first sharing assembly to read out a couple of sentences introducing his class and their two songs which they’d learnt over the past term. Leo’s reading is very impressive and I’m so proud of him because we have been reading to him every single day at bedtime since he was a few months old, and it’s clearly paying off now. When I was visiting schools last year, we were actually told by one teacher that evidence shows that reading to your baby/ child only five minutes every day can make their reading skills a year ahead of their peers not reading at all.
  • Finishing my latest post on cloth nappies – I’d been working on this post for a while documenting our experiences of switching to reusable nappies and I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and the comments I’ve had on social media.
  • LoveLula BeautyBox subscription box – it’s my 4th monthly box and every time it arrives, I feel like a kid at Christmas opening their presents with so much excitement not knowing what will be found inside. This month, the box arrived on the day when I was most in pain and it really cheered me up. I really need to write a review about these boxes as they are really great for discovering and trying out new natural skincare products. For only £12.50 a month, it’s also amazing value for money as some products are full size and the total value of the box is often in the region of £40-50.

So that’s it for this week – I hope you enjoyed reading about my week and would love to hear what you’ve been up to as well.

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    • I agree – it’s so good to have things to look forward to, especially in January when everyone is hit by the post-Christmas blues. We just need to find a nice holiday in August that won’t break the bank – now that Leo’s in school, we’re bound to school holiday dates and oh my goodness, those flights and resorts just hike up their prices so much! #HappyDaysLinky

  1. That’s good news about your back, I went through something very similar last Christmas and it really does get you down. The constant pain can be so tiring and when you have children to look after too it can be so hard. Fingers crossed the physio sessions exercises will sort things out. At least you have plenty to look forward to with all your travel plans. I’m off to check out LoveLula now, they sound great x

    • Thanks Alana, you’re right – it really is debilitating and really gets you down. I really need to start exercising though – I used to do BIkram yoga every Saturday morning and it was great for my back (plus it made me feel so energised) so really need to get back into it, just need to find the time, As for the LoveLula box – it really is amazing, I started with a 3-month subscription to test it out and last month I decided to sign up to a rolling subscription 😉 let me know if you sign up and whether you’re pleased with it xx #HappyDaysLinky

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